The Rights of the Child in the Digital Age: Should children be protected from screen exposure?

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Participation of well-known researchers and practitioners from Switzerland and far beyond (France, Great Britain, USA, Australia, etc.): Serge Tisseron, Sonia Livingstone, Amanda Third, Gerison Lansdown, Stacey Steinberg, Warren Buckleitner and many more.

In addition, several members of the UN Comittee on the Rights of the Child will discuss the recent publication of General Comment 25 on the Rights of the Child in the Digital Age.

Objectives: This event aims to better understand the impact of screen exposure on children and adolescents, taking into account different variables; to sensitize professionals to the fact that in this area the child is also a holder of rights and not only a potential victim; to develop reflections on the means of supporting parents in the digital universe; to highlight good practices based on knowledge from the academic world and experiences in other countries; and to identify strategies for adapting policy practices based on the knowledge gained.

Target audience: This conference is intended for political decision-makers and professionals working with and for children and young people (teachers, social workers, psychologists, doctors, pedagogues, mediators, professionals affected by issues of childhood, education or technology as well as representatives of the academic and scientific community).


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  • The Rights of the Child in the Digital Age: Should children be protected from screen exposure?
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